Advisory and coaching is part head, part heart. We combine the two, so you get the latest systems and processes available, along with our passion and personal commitment to helping you succeed.

Some of the key things a business coach can help you with.

  • You have hit a plateau in your business, and your mojo is wavering - Often happens in about year 3 or 4 of operation

  • You feel you are the on right track, but just need someone independent to bounce ideas off

  • Your growth has stagnated, and you need some fresh ideas

  • You are doing well, but know you can do better and need someone with a fresh set of eyes, and ideas to help with this

  • You know the perception and reality of your business is conflicting - ie From the outside it looks great and successful, but behind the scenes it is a mess

  • You need help with a specific skill or task that you may lack core knowledge in - ie Sales, Marketing, Time Management, Networking, Systems and Processes, Staff Management, Administration, Customer Experience, Goal Setting, Business Planning.

  • Accountability - Making sure stuff gets done

  • You want to grow as a business owner

  • You are working way too many hours, and need help working out how to solve it

  • You want your business to grow

When you call Project HQ we will set a time to meet and discuss your needs. This is confidential and at no cost. This initial meeting lets us see whether we’re a good fit and whether we can help you.

We also want to be sure that you have an honest desire to be coached, learn, and a willingness to improve efficiency and profitability.

After the meeting, we’ll confer, agree on a strategy, price, time, commitment and what you want us to do.

Once you’ve engaged our services, together we’ll outline a process that we’re both happy with. We’re totally committed as a team to provide whatever services you need.

The second meeting is where we get down to the nitty-gritty and have a good look at how your business is going, where the issues are, what barriers you may have, and where the opportunities for development are. We also look at your communications and marketing.

We can use a number of coaching tools, but our approach is tailored specifically to
your needs and we’re flexible about how we go about this.