Life is full of curve balls. There’s no predicting what’s around the corner. It may be an opportunity, or it may be an unexpected challenge that you’re not prepared for, or saw coming.

Could your business prosper without you at the helm for the next 3 months or even a year?

For your business to run efficiently without you managing things day-to-day, you need to have all your policies, procedures and systems documented in one place. You may be a walking encyclopaedia, but when you are absent, that knowledge leaves with you, if it’s not written down, or documented somewhere.

To overcome this you need all your policies, procedures and systems documented in one place, in the form of a manual.  

Through our "Business Processes Manual" program we make this happen. We work with you to develop a manual tailored to your unique business that details how every function is carried out. 

Our distinctive approach of actually building the manual for you saves you time, procrastination, and heart ache. No longer do you have to worry about putting the task of documenting your business in the 'I will get around to it pile''  With our help and expertise it actually gets done. 

The benefits of a Business Manual are clear:

  1. Your business can run efficiently without you – protecting your staff and asset

  2. Valuable knowledge is not locked inside the heads of one or two people – but freely available

  3. Training staff is a breeze using well prepared processes

  4. Your business will be more profitable, resulting from the efficiencies gained

  5. Your valuable business Intellectual Property will be documented, adding tremendous value to the market value of your business

  6. They provide an essential foundation for further growth in the business

  7. Considerable time will saved each week due to the structure and efficiencies that systemisation and documentation creates

  8. By the time we’ve finished extracting, analysing  and collating all the information for the manual, you can rest assured that your systems and processes have been rigorously challenged and are suitable

  9. Banks and lending institutions love seeing manuals like this!

The Process

The development of the manual is comprehensive, and as such we spread it over a 6-month period.

During these 6 months we work with you to develop the content needed for the manual – capturing how every function is carried out in your business.   

We also offer the added bonus of detailing and suggesting any improvements that we can identify to make your life easier and your business more efficient and productive.  

Get in touch today and move towards building a business that can operate without you.