Our Operational Project Management service is where we really get stuck in and get our hands dirty to ensure that your specific business projects get implemented.

All business owners have things and ideas that they would like to get done or implemented in their businesses, however these things often get put on the back burner as there is just never enough hours in the day.   

This is where we can help.  We are the experts at getting s#@t done. While you get on with the complexities of running your unique business, our project managers are experts at managing lots of moving parts all at once.   We are able to work with you on a contract basis short or long term to get those things that you have been trying to find time to do, or something that just needs doing across the line for your business.  

This allows you to get on with your business, service your clients and staff, manage your life and family activities while we work in the back ground to set your business up for its next stage of growth and evolution.    

Our mandate is to help you move your business from ordinary to extraordinary.  

The advantages of getting us to help you with this are;

  • You and the business save time

  • You save money by being able to contract the work out, rather than employ

  • You can start to see a return on investment from improvements made within your business

  • You are less stressed as your nagging to do list get shorter and shorter

  • We bring with us a huge amount of experience across different industries that could be applied to your business that you may not be aware of.

  • With you being able to concentrate on your business while we work for you, your business won’t suffer because you are distracted

But by far the biggest and most valuable advantage is that STUFF GETS DONE.

Examples of Business Projects that we manage are:

  • ·         Workflow efficiencies

  • ·         Business Process Analyst and recommendations

  • ·         KPI development and implementation

  • ·         Re-Branding

  • ·         Campaign Launching

  • ·         Staff training and development

  • ·         Implementation of new systems

  • ·         Building refits

  • ·         Management Reporting

  • ·         Event Management

  • ·         Mystery Shops for you and your competitors

  • ·         Sales Management

  • ·         Business & Strategic Plan Writing

  • ·         Business Sale or Purchase Prep

  • ·         Tendering and Procurement.