"I have been working with Craig for the last six months. Craig is a pleasure to work with, has a great sense of humor and is quick to form long lasting relationships with those he meets. Craig thinks out of the box and is able to offer strategic solutions that are innovative and well thought out, yet simple to follow. He is always thinking of the next opportunity and ways to do things better. I enjoy working with Craig and look forward to working with again him in the future."

Nick Carey

General Manager


"When I came up with an idea for a new hospitality based business in Taranaki - Craig Oliver was the first person I ran the idea past. Having built a professional relationship with Craig I had come to respect his knowledge, ideas and advice and knew his thoughts would help me work out if my idea was going to work.

In November 2013 after many meetings with Craig and brainstorming sessions I launched Dining at Home!
Having Craig as my business mentor has been invaluable. Having a more experienced business person and entrepreneur that I can use as a resource and for guidance has helped my business grow from an idea through to a successful in home catering business. With Craig being open and sharing his skills and knowledge with me, I have been able to grow and develop while overcoming challenges a new business owner faces. Craig has helped keep me accountable to goals that I've set myself, he has facilitated me to think outside the square especially when it comes to sales and marketing ideas. And most of all his pro-active phone calls to "check in" where I'm at on a monthly bases have meant I have kept to my business plan goals.

I feel that having Craig as my business mentor for Dining at Home has enhanced my professional and personal growth and helped make my business be a great success in the four months it has been operating.
I know with Craig's support and advice it is going to be an awesome journey - and I can't wait to see where Dining at Home is I one years time"

Megan Hale
Dining at Home

We were very fortunate to receive the help of Craig Oliver when starting our new business in July 2013. Naturally, we had our reservations about stepping into the business world as this was new to us both. However, Craig was invaluable in the way he helped us build strategies to a now thriving venture.

He is a very approachable and down to earth guy and we find it easy to discuss anything with him. We find that he is readily available whenever we need a second opinion and always happy and willing to bounce ideas off with us.

Craig has the ability to see the big picture and knew just how to structure our business so that it would work to its best potential. He helped us to identify positive gains and the possible risks that are involved with being self – employed so that we know how to effectively manage any challenges that arise.

We appreciate Craig’s professionalism, skills and knowledge and would have no hesitation in recommending his services. We look forward to continuing the growth and development of our business with Craig.

Kind Regards,

Greg Ritchie


Naki Plumbing

For the last four months Craig has been mentoring me in sales and marketing for my business McCullagh Consulting.

I think one of Craig’s greatest talents is his ability to ‘tuck people in’. By that I mean; he was quick to identify and understand my business needs and challenges. He offered encouragement and support making business development seem achievable and easy.  He presented solutions and customised creative ideas for promoting and developing my business and ultimately held me accountable for what I said I would do.

I feel my business is in a dramatically different place than it was 4 months ago. Craig saw the bigger picture of where my business could develop to and played an integral part in helping me reach more clients and make my business more successful.

Ally McCullagh


McCullagh Consulting

 Craig's help was invaluable when I was working with my building company to build my new home.  Craig's industry knowledge and expertise helped me to understand and articulate exactly what I wanted in my new home.  His advice, suggestions and guidance enabled me to engage confidently with the building company so I got exactly what I wanted.  Craig's friendly, down to earth and professional advice allowed me to turn my dreams into reality.

 Tracey Hooper 

We have been working with Craig Oliver for just over six months now, and it has been one of the best investments we have made in our business. 

Craig’s ability to build rapport allowed him to understand our business quickly, and identify the areas he could provide the most value.   He consistently offers innovative and appropriate solutions that have helped our business to continue to grow 

Since engaging Craig’s help we have increased our monthly revenue by 40%, which amongst other things has enabled us to employ two more people.  

Craig has helped bring structure to our marketing, sales and project planning processes.   He has the ability to see the big picture and share our vision, while at the same time helping us to narrow in on the key day to day details that need focusing on in order to grow.   He then in turn keeps us accountable for our promised actions, which ensures we continue to make progress.  

We look forward to continuing working with Craig, and ensuring our business keeps developing. 


Adam & Erin Smith

Switched Electrical