Managing too-fast business growth was an unexpected problem for owners Kimberly and Gavin Hanover of Hanover Plumbing and Gas in Taranaki.

When their 5-year business targets were met within the first year, the couple turned to business coach Craig Oliver for advice and direction.

Kimberly said Craig gave them valuable strategic business advice and guided them through systems and processes needed – like managing staff – which they hadn’t planned on needing so early in the business.

She said Craig has lots of experience in the trade and construction industry, and because he understood their business, he “got them” and they had confidence in his advice.

Kimberly said Craig gave them strategic direction but also much needed support that they were on the right path, just getting there a bit sooner than others.

Craig helped manage the business’ growing pains, and helped them to re-focus and to set even bigger goals, with a really clear path on how to get there. 

The entrepreneurial couple are now in the process of setting up another complementary business, and said they’re approaching this business very differently after working with Craig for the past 10 months.

Kimberly said their approach is still very professional – but they now operate at a much higher strategic level than before. Their thinking has changed from a new business mentality of – let’s get through the first few years – to setting strategic goals 20 and 30 years out.

She said Craig is approachable, trustworthy and always available at the end of the phone.