A 6-Month Collaboration Opportunity for motivated and committed Business Owners that delivers effective and valuable communication to build sales, skills, confidence, knowledge, better systems and strategies.

Discover how teamwork and industry know-how can move your business from Ordinary to Extraordinary – and give it the leading edge.

You’ve possibly discovered that the path of owning operating and building a successful business can be a lonely one.

What if there was a group of other business owners out there ready to collaborate with you? New ideas, strategies, stories and wisdom, moral support, financially valuable counsel and practical coaching?

Well now there is. We call it the O2E Business Academy

We all know there’s strength in numbers - consider the potential power of joining many thinking heads together. An alliance of experienced business operators, well-seasoned professionals, fledgling innovators and burgeoning other positive & motivated people all with a story to tell and a keenness to learn…

It could create the chance to experience some astounding transformations and revolutionary actions … and the means to inject greater power into your business!

Does this sound like you? Do you resonate, identify, feel the need to check in, or just want to start getting s**t done?

As an Academy member you get the best of two worlds, firstly in the form of monthly group workshops facilitated by a subject matter expert, and secondly on alternative weeks you receive individualised one on one coaching tailored specifically to your business.

 Using this format the Academy offers the following undeniable benefits:

  •          Tailored one on one coaching addressing your unique business issues

  •        Pertinent and interesting meeting themes

  •          Shared group knowledge to broaden your proficiency

  •          Insights to enable confident, powerful and effective decision making

  •          Documentation of action plans and follow-up tracking

  •          Positive and relevant connections with external business professionals

  •          Interactions with Project HQ's business networks 

  •         Access to Project HQ leaders outside the formal timetable

  •         Structured meetings which mastermind strategies to suit your business

  •         Stay connected; share, learn and enjoy the wisdom of others

  •         Feel energised, experience better morale, workplace health, focus and direction.

Areas covered at group monthly workshops are: 

Month 1 - Goal Setting, Strategic Planning, and Understanding Vision/Mission/Values.

Month 2 - Marketing - Where to focus your marketing efforts and money. Understand your clients and how to target the right buyers.

Month 3 - Personality & Business Profiling - Understanding your strengths so that you can build a strong successful team.

Month 4 - Productivity and workflow - Introduction to lean principals. How to measure productivity, and way to ensure there is continuous improvement of processes and efficiencies.

Month 5 - Sales - How to get the right sales mindset. Keys to building profitable customer relationships. What essential sales skills are needed to bring in revenue to your business.

Month 6 - Understanding your financial numbers – What do we need to measure, and understand. Accountability and Review. Develop a plan of where to from here.

It’s time to let tactical passion be your guide to a better business.

Join us on an inspirational ride to transport your business from Ordinary to Extraordinary!