Imperfect Action will always beat Perfect In-action.
Two Ears, One Mouth. When in a business meeting with a client it is vital that you have two ears and one mouth. You need to listen so you can understand what they are really saying, wanting, needing. I explain more in this Video.
Why documenting all your business processes so important.
As soon as you understand that you are a problem solver, and how to get to the root of what your customers problem are you will win.
Today I ask three key questions about values & success. 1. What does success look like to you? What does a successful organisation look like to you, and why? If I was to give you a sabbitical to any organisation in the world, who would you choose and why?
Here's something that is working really well for my clients at the moment. Not only does it benefit the business, but it also enhances the customers experience of dealing with these businesses.
Do you know who your target avatar is? I confess I dropped the ball on mine a couple of times in last couple of weeks. So here I explain why it is so important to keep it top of mind in your day to day business.

Why customer service is not your point of difference.

Today I talk about doing stuff that is profitable, taking time to really look at your business, the 80/20 rule, and having the guts to make some changes in your business so you can really add value to your clients and tribe.
What have I been up to in this space

Here I am discussing the concept of - You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.... Who is it that you would like to connect with this year.?