Business Owner

Director of Performance Management & Business Advisory

Craig is the owner of, and director of performance management and business advisory at Project HQ

He is an accredited New Zealand Business Mentor, and has workplace coaching qualifications from the New Zealand Coaching & Mentoring Centre.

Over the years Craig has worked in both the corporate and private sectors, along with being a business owner across various industries. He has worked with business owners across New Zealand and Australia. Craig has been involved in banking, furniture manufacture and sales, telco, construction sales, project management, business management, insurance, marketing and sales training, sales coaching, and business consultancy.

He is driven by his enjoyment in helping business owners navigate the maize of business ownership and growth. It is important to him that he is adding value to the clients he works with. He gets immense satisfaction from the days he sees the light bulb go on in a clients eyes as they gain clarity to the solution to a particular problem.




Donna Yeats
The Marketing Consultancy

Donna is an experienced marketing professional and has a background in planning spanning more than 24 years.

Her experience covers both business to business and consumer marketing across a wide range of disciplines including advertising, direct marketing, media planning and digital marketing and within local, national and global markets.

Donna works with our business owners to develop their big picture and long term marketing and brand strategy - What is it that you do, Where do you want to go, and How are you going to get there.


Mandy Gilchrist
Leaf and Lumi Design

Mandy is an experienced graphic designer specialising in design, print and signage.

Mandy is able to bring your ideas and vision together into a design format that will represent your brand to your market. 

She is passionate about keeping ahead of the pack in the latest design ideas and trends, and is able to bring these overseas trends to your brand and design concepts so that you stand out from your competition.