Running a small to medium business is hard work. There is no easy path to success, and it is only through being real life business practitioners that we learn what works and what doesn’t.

Talking Better Business was created with the aim of providing a platform for sharing of ideas, thoughts, and knowledge between small and medium business owners.

Through the medium of podcasting our guests tell their story and share their journey about how they built their businesses. We hear about the successes they have had, the challenges they faced, the wins they recorded, lows they encountered, and what they have learnt along the way. Our conversations are raw but they are real.

As you listen to the fire side chats, we hope that you take away some ideas and thoughts that you too can implement into your own business, and achieve the success you desire.

Below are my most recent podcasts click here to listen to more.


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Charlotte Giblin - A refreshing perspective of how art can potentially open up different conversations, thought methodology's, and ways to solve business challenges.

There is a perception that if you follow art as a career path, then you are almost anti the traditional business career.  And to some extent you are right. 

However Charlotte saw an opportunity as she was entering university on how she could combine the two and create her own path in the business world using skills as a business thinker along with a natural talent as artist.    

We explore Charlotte’s journey and hear how she has made made Art her business.  Like all businesses there are pivots, realisations, leanings, and lots of hard work to get to the stage where you successful. 


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Bernard Powell - The business culture transformation the lead to Premier Group winning Best Workplace in NZ. 

Bernard set out in 2015 to take his business on a Culture Transformation.   In 2016 they won best workplace culture in New Zealand.  His business and its people have reaped the rewards ever since.   

Bernard talks to us about the 4 year business culture journey to where they are, and how the has business managed to not only survive a potential catastrophe, but grown from strength to strength in all key areas.



Kristal Sargent – Developing an award winning, high performing business through the empowerment of her team.

Kristal is the owner of multi award winning hair salon La Villa Hair Stylists.  

She has developed a culture within her team that is not only high performing for the business itself, but also for the individual involved.

Kristal is a true people person and is constantly developing and mentoring her people to deliver the best out come for her clients and business.  She is a straight shooter who uses her intuition and experience to create an empowering team mantra that produces results.