Running a small to medium business is hard work. There is no easy path to success, and it is only through being real life business practitioners that we learn what works and what doesn’t.

Talking Better Business was created with the aim of providing a platform for sharing of ideas, thoughts, and knowledge between small and medium business owners.

Through the medium of podcasting our guests tell their story and share their journey about how they built their businesses. We hear about the successes they have had, the challenges they faced, the wins they recorded, lows they encountered, and what they have learnt along the way. Our conversations are raw but they are real.

As you listen to the fire side chats, we hope that you take away some ideas and thoughts that you too can implement into your own business, and achieve the success you desire.

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How to take your business from passion to profit.

So, you have a passion for your job and want to create a business out of it. Is your enthusiasm enough to make it work? The answer is in today’s podcast as we talk to Sam Horn of who, as a young carpenter decided his love of building was all he needed to make a career from it.

The proverbial s*** hit the fan three years down the track when Sam made a visit to his accountant and the books said he was $130,000 in the red. It’s pretty gutting to hear that your business is failing. Would you sack your staff and triple your work load? Listen up to hear how Sam Horn reacted and you will understand how dedication to his business has transmuted to a 100% commitment to his team

Emily Gallagher

Helping ladies dream big, take action, and make it happen.

Conscious boss Emily Gallagher took her business's annual income from 20k to 200k in twelve short months.

What strategy do you think you'd need to increase your income 100% within a year?  A great mentor? Skills? Attitude? Serendipity... or something even bigger?

Emily Gallagher reveals how her enlightened approach has not only grown her coaching business exponentially but has also helped hundreds of women see the superstar value in their own personal and professional endeavour.

Glen & Anne

How to use PR to reach new heights in your SME Business

For many small to medium sized business’, a public relations plan is an extra job with no guaranteed outcome. And if you’re sole trader, wearing ten different hats at any one time, do you really have time to add yet another facet to your work schedule? To hear how it can be done listen to what PR specialist, Anne Buttar from Wonderland Firm recommends in this podcast.

Why is PR a really good idea? Every business needs and relies on positive public perception to succeed. You want customers to appreciate your brand to build loyalty, and for this to happen your business needs a steady, visible presence in the market place: PR works for your business long term - stick with it! It’s the tool that leverages off all your other marketing and internal structures to lift your business image to a new dimension.

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